Shoes, believe it or not, are a very important part of your outfit. You have probably heard someone say that “shoes can make or break an outfit”, and this is something that we definitely agree with. For a lot of people, the shoes that someone is wearing is the first thing that they notice, and we all know that first impressions count. Also, if you are a sporty person, it is important that you have a quality pair of shoes so that you are always comfortable when playing your favourite sports. Thus, in this article, we are going to take a look at different types of shoes and the best ones for particular occasions.

Formal Shoes

Business meetings, dressy events, and fancy restaurants all have a dress code that you are expected to keep to. A lot of the time, the dress code is unspoken, but you are expected to know it. While the types of clothes that you decide to wear to such occasions can vary greatly, there is one thing that all outfits require, and that is a lovely pair of dress shoes.

Of course, those who have tried to wear new flats or sky-high heels to any event will know that formal shoes can be super uncomfortable, and you probably take them off after thirty minutes or so. However, you cannot turn up to a formal event in a pair of comfortable trainers, so you need a pair of comfortable formal wear, which is where the following shoes are perfect.


Annee Blush Suede Low Heel Pump Heel Shoes: If you need to know anything about these shoes, then just take a look at the reviews that they have received on sites such as Amazon. One buyer wrote that they walked 8.3 miles in these shoes and they have no regrets. If someone can walk long distances in them without getting really sore feet, then it is safe to say that they can handle a formal event or two.

Hannah-1 Platform Heel by Top Moda: If you try to look up comfortable heels in a dictionary, we are sure that you will find an image of these shoes. They have more than 8,000 reviews on Amazon, and if you were to spend an hour or so making your way through some of the reviews, you will not find many negative remarks about them.

Loraine Bit Loafer by Sam Edelman: Now, loafers can be a bit hit or miss with regard to comfort, but these loafers are definitely a hit. The reviews for this pair of shoes tell you all that you need to know. Many say that they are the most comfortable pair of loafers that they have ever had the pleasure of wearing, while others declare that it was like these loafers were custom made for them.

The Heel by Marguax: These heels will mould to your feet when you wear them, which means that they become more and more comfortable with every step. In addition to this, they have foam padding too, which is definitely the cherry on top of the cake. If you get yourself a pair of these, you will definitely not have to complain about sore feet ever again.

The Blackbird by Birdies: These are a mix between loafers and flats, and they ooze elegance. They are easy to dress down or up, and they will not leave your feet in a world of pain come the end of the evening. Those who have bought them have said that they love just how comfortable and versatile they are.


If does not matter if you have a huge walk-in wardrobe or live by the motto that less is better, a quality pair of sneakers is a must have for everyone, and we do mean everyone. So, let us jump right in and provide you with what we believe to be are some of the best sneakers around in 2022.

Gucci Ace: Designer sneakers really do not come any better than Gucci sneakers, and not only do these trainers look absolutely incredible, but they will last many years. Sure, you could opt for some of their more embellished designs, but if you are looking for a pair that can hold their own with plenty of outfits, then you need look no further than this pair. Made in Italy, these low-top sneakers combine smooth, luxe, and white leather with a bit of grey on the heels, the logo on the side, and a comfortable inner sole to complete the shoe.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07: You really cannot go wrong with Nikes. Taking a trip to the gym? Put those Nikes on to boost those burpees. Going out walking or running with some friends? Pull out those Nikes for a blister-free experience. There are plenty of Nikes out there that you can choose from, but the ones that we would recommend are the Nike Air Force 1 ’07. These are a classy looking pair of trainers, and they retain their style even after you have worn them a vast number of times.

New Republic Malibu: Whenever you think of platform sneakers, a brand that should always spring to mind is New Republic. These shoes come with a chunky sole to give effortless lift and a TENCEL footbed that provides extra cushion for comfort. These really are the shoes that your feet deserve and are perfect for those who spend long periods of the day on their feet. They can match well with a variety of outfits, which is what you want with any pair of shoes.

Adidas Originals: There is a very good reason why you will find Adidas Originals in any quality shoe shop that you visit, and this is because they are ubiquitous with style and comfort and are always in season - it does not matter what time of the year it is, these shoes will never look out of place. These sneakers are just as supple and soft as their leather exterior would make you believe, and you do not have to break the bank in order to purchase a pair.

Athletic Shoes

It is important to have quality shoes in your cupboard, but it is also important to stay fit. Whether you like to stay fit by doing some running or by going to the gym, below we are going to take a look at some of the best athletic shoes that are available in 2022.


Hoka Rocket X Running Shoes: If you are searching for a pair of shoes to help you reach your racing personal best, then stop your search right now as these are the shoes that you need. It is a very light pair of shoes, but this lightness does not mean that they are poorly built - if you look after them properly, you can have them for a good number of years. They are nice and snug and will absorb any extra pressure that is applied to your feet when you are working out or doing whatever type of exercise that you like to do.

Saucony Guide 14: This is not a shoe that was built for those speedy running sessions. No, it is a shoe that was constructed with heavy runners and overpronators in mind. This shoe comes with revamped outsole grooves, and this design helps you to smooth roll-through from your heel to your toe. If you are the type of person that likes to do a bit of trail running every now and then, these shoes are the perfect fit for you.

Nike React Infinity Run FK2: Nike developed this shoe in 2021 and claimed that they have been constructed in such a way to reduce injury. Those of you who are fans of their first version of this shoe will be happy to find out that Nike only made changes to the upper part - there is now more cushioning on the tongue. If you are new to running or working out, then this is a really good shoe to consider.

Casino Shoes

The majority of modern-day land-based casinos have a smart-casual dress code in place, and they are pretty strict at enforcing this, especially when the sun goes down. If you turn up to a casino and the security on the door do not think that you have the appropriate footwear, then they will refuse you entry, which can be quite an embarrassing experience. So, we recommend that you stay away from sneakers and trainers if you are going to a casino. Instead, consider opting for some the following.

Zara Leather Ballet Flats: These types of shoes are classic and elegant with a fit that is soft and comfortable. Although they have the word “ballet” in their name, they are definitely a lot sturdier than the dancing shoes that they have been inspired by. These shoes will pair well with mid-length dresses just as well as they do with slim-fit denim.

Charles & Keith Metallic Accent Loafers: Loafers are also timeless flat silhouettes although they do have more of an edge than they aforementioned ballet flats. The appearance of traditional loafers is pared-back and unisex, with a slight lift in the heel, but there are some that happen to look a lot more feminine than others, and this pair is one of those that slots into this category.

Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 85: Pumps will elongate the appearance of the person that is wearing them, no matter the size of the heel. This is thanks to the shoe’s pointed toe shape and low vamp. Black pumps are the most versatile when it comes to dress shoes, but we feel that these pumps can work well with a variety of outfits, and you definitely not have the casino security refusing you entry into the premises.

A Great Place to Buy Shoes

When it comes to buying shoes, you are obviously spoiled for choice nowadays. Thanks to the Internet, you could end up spending hours looking for the best place to buy shoes, but there is one place that we recommend you take a look at, and this is Saucony. They are an American company that has been making quality shoes for all occasions for more than 120 years.

No matter what type of shoe you are looking for, we are sure that they will have something that is exactly what you are looking for. Not only are their products very well priced, but they are also built with top-quality, meaning you will not have to replace a pair of shoes that you buy from them for many years. As well as shoes, you will also find a wide variety of other clothing products such as t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, shorts, socks, and sweatpants. So, make sure you go and check them out!